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Pyrocarb is an isotropic graphite base material whose surface is coated with a fine film of amorphous carbon by chemical vapour deposition. While maintaining the excellent characteristics of past isotropic graphite materials, the coating adds a high functionality to this carbon composite material shown in features as high purity and airtightness.



Carbon coating

Excellent heat resistance

Great thermal shock resistance, even when cooling down from red heat (800°C) in water, no peeling off or cracks in the coating.

Excellent corrosion resistance, stable even if immersed in acids or alkalines.

High purity due to using high purity hydrocarbon gas as raw material.

Gas impermeability

Can prevent the permeation of metals like silicon

Low adsorption and emission of gas impurities

Excellent oxidation resistance and silicate (SiO) resistance

No particle emission

Can prevent the emission of graphite powder

Improved smoothenss of the surface

Reduced adhesion of vapour deposition material on the surface

High surface reflectivity index compared to conventional graphite materials

About double the value of conventional graphite materials

Directional dependency of the thermal conductivity of the coat

Compared to conventional graphite materials, the coating in directional thickness is 1/35-1/40, and in surface direction about three times as high

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Membrane structure of Pyrocarb


Thermal conductivity


Surface reflectivity index